Up to 98% Open Rate with Compliant SMS Texting to HCPs

ZING Communication Module enables compliant texting with AI-driven reporting and powered CRM integrations.

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Mega-Increase in Physician Engagement

Swittons remote communication device in HCP offices enables on-demand requests, putting HCPs in the driver’s seat and automating common workstreams.

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Powered Pharma Sales

BirdzAI, our flagship sales solution, is a 360-degree full-lifecycle suite for sales performance, from data management and lead resolution to data compliance, all backed by predictive AI and ML.

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Powered Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Data360 AI and Machine Learning leverage end-to-end analytics intelligence for predictive power and next best actions. The comprehensive pharmaceutical analytics and data management suite delivers an end-to-end intelligence analytics platform with an ample set of tools to facilitate and support your organization.

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Data-Driven Clinical Trial Management

A robust clinical trial management system, providing you powered capabilities with simplicity, enabling further speed of site selection and startup, enrollment, and execution and tracking.

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Intuitive Patient Hub

Providing management across all aspects of their treatment, PatientHub360 is a complete patient lifecycle management solution to handle everything from the first enrollment call to patient therapy adherence.

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