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HCP Engagement

HCP Engagement for Effective Pharma Marketing and Sales

Achieve up to 98% open rate within just 3 minutes of delivery.

Discover the power of ZING Engagement Suite, the ultimate communication tool for pharma companies to enhance HCP engagement. Simplify your marketing and sales efforts with ZING using native text messaging. ZING ensures personalized interactions and compliant communication, aligning perfectly with DOJ's ECCP guidelines for data management while staying at the forefront of innovation.

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Enterprise Master Data Management Made Easy

Unlock the full potential of your pharma company with BirdzAI.

Discover BirdzAI by P360, your all-in-one solution for mastering data management in life sciences. BirdzAI simplifies enterprise master data management, enabling your team to forge a data-driven organization effortlessly. With comprehensive support for Data, Analytics, CRM, and much more, its the key to streamlining Sales, and Marketing Operations. Paired with pharma innovation, BirdzAI revolutionizes your data assets, making complex tasks simple and driving your company towards modern commercial success.

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Personalized Patient Hub Services for An Elevated Experience

Enhance Patient Care Experience with Curotrak.

Unlock the power of a personalized patient experience with Curotrak. Tailored to meet the unique needs of life science companies, Curotrak streamlines patient management through automation, significantly streamlining back end processes. Curotrak brings Hub Services in-house, giving you full control of your data while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Together with pharma innovation, Curotrak transforms patient care, supporting all your requirements with ease and efficiency.

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  • Compliant Communication
  • AI-Powered Insights
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Compliant Communication

Compliant Communication
Effective Communication

ZING Engagement Suite is your key to compliant and effective communication between HCPs and pharma companies. Ensuring 83% of pharmaceutical executives prioritize compliance, ZING pre-approves all communications, safeguarding against costly violations. Elevate your strategy with ZING Engagement Suite for seamless, compliant engagement.

AI-Powered Insights

AI-Powered Insights and Analytics to Streamline your Operations

BirdzAI by P360 revolutionizes data management in pharma with AI-powered insights for streamlined operations. Achieve a 360°-view of customers, optimize channels, and drive actions with precision. BirdzAI is your solution for superior operational and management reporting. Transform data into action effortlessly with BirdzAI.

Better Communication

Transform Operations.
Empower Innovation.

Swittons powers enterprise transformation with its customizable IoT devices. Automate and communicate effectively where you need it most. Boost efficiency and scale seamlessly with a brandable, advanced IoT solution. Embrace digital evolution with Swittons.



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