Growth-oriented Technology Solutions

Expert technology services and support to encourage smart business growth.

Growth-oriented Technology Solutions

What is P360?

P360 is an advanced pharma software company specializing in business technology development and implementation for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies worldwide. We specialize in technology that boosts operational efficiency across your entire organization while giving you a unique view of how your internal process are functioning and how to improve them.


The P360 Difference

By leveraging the power of Microsoft in each of our advanced pharmaceutical software suites, we are able to help our partners streamline the entirety of their business and organizational processes through top-tier technology solutions and expert support. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have over two decades of experience in offering expertly tailored software solutions and hands-on training to meet and exceed your unique organizational needs.

Our Leadership

Anupam Nandwana

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Edward Vaz

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Our Core Team

Kimberly Gregorio

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Barb Bender

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Anthony D'Souza

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Ayan Deb

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Brian Fitzgerald

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Kathleen McQuade

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David Vazquez

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Our Functional Experts

Avirup Basu

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Risab Biswas

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Mario DeFelice

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Deepankar Mondal

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Nirupam Gupta

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Christina Hall

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Dilkush Patel

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Mithil Yadav

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We are a great team to work for – just ask any of our staff. Plus, we are constantly growing – take a look at our available job openings and see if there’s something that would work for you.

Improve Sales Potential Exponentially

Trust the growth and efficacy of your pharma sales operations process to a unique commercial pharma sales platform tailored to your unique industry and market needs

Raise the Bar of Holistic Patient Management

High-end custom therapies demand a different paradigm of patient service - trust a solution that enables ALL aspects of patient care.

Empower Data as an Entity

You might have analytics, but have you graduated to empowering data within your enterprise workflow? Trust a solution which integrates data into your business processes, in ways you never dreamed of before.

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