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AI-Powered Data Analytics for Precision Pharma Sales & Marketing


Building Foundation for Enterprise Data management capabilities is a core component of the digital transformation journey for any life sciences organization. Leveraging the most advanced and modern data environment enables data-driven decision-making. P360 BirdzAI is designed to help you to support your commercial organization with a prebuilt data model and data connectors for any company. Built on Microsoft Azure, P360 BirdzAI future proofs your investment with modern technology.

P360 understands the complex nature of different data sources and the consumption for different business units. With the BirdzAI platform, we have made it easy to deploy the world-class data platform and make it available in record times to bring value. Our data platform can support data at a petabytes scale to make your investment future-proof.

Want better data management?

  • Data management
  • Insights and analytics
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing Operations

Managing Modern Data Estate with BirdzAI Platform

Enterprise Data Management Framework

BirdzAI platform provides world-class tools and technology to support data operations and enables your organization to implement governance frameworks. By building a robust technology and operations infrastructure, your organization can focus on executing business decisions and helping patients. Strong governance and change management is as important as getting the data processed. P360 will work with your team to provide the necessary support as much or as little as required.

Agile Deployment with Quality Supprt and low TCO

Best In Class Cloud Native Technology with Microsoft Azure Providing Security, Auditing, and Disaster Recovery

One Platform For All Your Data Needs Built with Years of Industry Experience

Master Data Management

Building one golden ID for all customer sources and uniquely identifying the record with complete lineage and history. Ability to manage any number of sources with data stewardship and automation.

Why BirdzAI Data Platform?

  • Prebuilt Data Model and Connectors for Major Systems and Sources
  • Create Self Service Capabilities without Creating Silos
  • Ingest Any Data Type (Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured)
  • Integrated Master Data Management and Data Quality Capabilities
  • Fixed Price Managed Services Support

Building a Journey From Data to Decisions with AI

BirdzAI platform is designed to provide a strong foundation and architecture for data-driven organizations. Providing a prebuilt library of AI and ML Models, Field and HQ Reports, and Ad-hoc data analytics capabilities make it one of the most comprehensive pharma commercial analytics platforms. BirdzAI solution supports traditional commercial analytics environments while building an AI-powered decision-making system for the future.

Machine Learning Models

P360 team works with client partners to build a precision model to meet the market situation and business demand. Our repository of prebuilt models provides a quick accelerator and best practices across the industry.
  • Brand Adoption Propensity
  • Call Planning / Targeting
  • Segmentation
  • Field Sizing
  • Churn Prevention
  • Forecasting
  • Sample Optimization
  • Promotion Response
  • Marketing Mix
  • Next Best Action
  • Sentiment Analysis

Personalize your customer interactions using Machine Learning and Cognitive Services

Build Analytics Infrastructure with Security and Scalability. No Data is Too Much Data

Execute Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap to Support AI Capabilities

Power your sales teams with a faster, more efficient sales process

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to manage all your major business processes and data needs from one Platform, it is possible. Now you can eliminate manual work and operational delays to empower your users with P360’s BirdzAI.

As a revolutionary platform for your entire Sales Operations, you can maintain history by IC periods, preview alignments, manage multiple teams and zip/terr, and easily navigate your customer masters. Our system fully integrates with your existing systems, and since it’s built on Microsoft foundations, it integrates with all those platforms, too.

In addition to simplifying your processes, our solution comes with pre-built integrations with major vendors such as Veeva, MedPro, Symphony, IQVIA, etc.

Alignment Management

  • Mix and Match Alignment Strategy (Zip/Terr, Account to Territory etc.)
  • Manage Flexible IC Periods Across Sales Teams
  • Incremental Add/Drops Based on Field Change Requests
  • Provide Preview and Approval to Reps/Managers
  • Prebuilt Integrations with Major CRM Systems
  • Leverage Our Specially Designed Mapping Tool for Scenario Planning and New Field Teams
  • Compliace Monitoring to Check Approved Specialities
  • Manual Overwrites

Roster Management

  • Employee Profiles
  • Territory Hierarchy
  • Employee – Territory Assignments
  • Asset Tracking
  • Time Off Territory
  • Vacant Territory /Covering Territory Management
  • Integration with HR Systems
  • Activate Future Dated Changes and Preview
  • Full Historical Views Providing Point in Time Data

Field Data Change Requests

  • Initiate Requests from BirdzAI App or CRM
  • Pre-built workflows to route requests and approvals
  • Resolve more than 90% requests automatically
  • Realtime lookup with Data Providers
  • Automated workflows for pending requests
  • Address Standardization and Fuzzy Matches
  • Updated CRM Alignment on Approval in Realtime

Incentive Compensation

  • Scenario Planning and Calculations
  • Alignment Strategy
  • Quota and Attainment Planning and Monitoring
  • Monthly/Weekly Trackers, Ranking Reports
  • Pay-out Calculations and Communication
  • Contest Planning, Execution and Payments

Product Master

  • Create Custom Market Hierarchies
  • Update CRM System
  • Provide Hiearchy to Data Providers


  • Brand 360, Team 360, and Customer 360 Views
  • Vast Collection of Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards
  • Enterprise Solution For All Business Units
  • Best in Class Solution for Desktop and Mobile
  • Natural Language Q&A
  • Combine Data Sources in Run Time
  • One Click Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Operational Reporting

Vendor Data Integrations

  • API Based Integration For Inbound and Outbound Integrations
  • Pre-built connectors for major vendors supporting the industry
  • Automation For Delivery and Ingestion
  • Data Validation, Error Handling, and Remediation Support
  • Rule-Based Processing and Transformation

Help Desk

  • Provide Complete Help Desk Support to Field users
  • Support Business Systems, Processes, and Hardware
  • Call Center Support
  • Asset Deployment and Management
  • Software Licensing
  • Training

CRM Implementation

  • Veeva, SFDC, and Microsoft Partner
  • Certified Resources
  • Industry Best Practices and Templated Deployment
  • System Configuration, Data Load, and Post Launch Support

Complete Solution Providing Data Management, Sales Operations and Governance

We Build Partnership with Our Customers and Support Them with Our Strong Industry Experience

Launch New Brands or Company Commercial Infrastructure with Our Standard Implementation Guide and Best Practices

Build and Operate Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

From Launching a New Brand to Managing Daily Marketing Operations, our team supports you through the entire process. Our core expertise in building digital infrastructure helps companies streamline systems and solutions while connecting with customers in a personalized way at scale.

Web and Digital Build Out

  • Best in Class Digital Development Support
  • Work with Brand Agencies to Build and Integrate Marketing Presence
  • Provide you with the ownership of your digital platforms and assets
  • Work with the Brand Team and Agency Through PRC Approval Process and Deployment
  • Support Special Projects and Build-Outs For Other Services Such as Virtual Booth, Content Build Out, Approved Email Build and CRM Deployment
  • Monitor and Improve SEO

Marketing Automation

  • Configure and Deploy Marketing Automation Platforms Such as SFDC, Adobe, HubSpot
  • Plan and Execute Marketing Messages Through Right Channel at Right Time
  • Build Customer Journey
  • Execute Social Media Strategy

Reporting and Analytics

  • Build Customer 360 View and Monitor
  • Leverage Our Pre-built AI-Driven Marketing Mix Model
  • Design Next Best Action and Execute Through Various Channels
  • Channel Impact and Optimization Analytics
  • Providing Operational and Management Reporting

Data Integration

  • Support All Marketing Activities Across Multiple Brands From Common Data Platform
  • Integrate Sales, Marketing, and Third-party Data Sources to Provide One View
  • Consent Capture and Automation
  • Provide Inbound/Outbound Data Integration to Third Party Agencies

Leverage Our Pharma Marketing Experience to Connect with HCPs and Staff

Optimize Your Campaign Planning, Execution and Monitoring

Build Customer Journey and Execute Next Best Action with AI/ML Models