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AI-Powered Data Analytics for Precision Pharma Sales & Marketing


Want better data management?

  • Data management
  • Insights and analytics
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing Operations

Managing Mordern Data Estate with BirdzAI Platform

Enterprise Data Management Framework

Why BirdzAI Data Platform?

  • Prebuilt Data Model and Connectors for Major Systems and Sources
  • Create Self Service Capabilities without Creating Silos
  • Ingest Any Data Type (Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured)
  • Integrated Master Data Management and Data Quality Capabilities
  • Fixed Price Managed Services Support

Building a Journey From Data to Decisions with AI

Machine Learning Models

  • Brand Adoption Propensity
  • Call Planning / Targeting
  • Segmentation
  • Field Sizing
  • Churn Prevention
  • Forecasting
  • Sample Optimization
  • Promotion Response
  • Marketing Mix
  • Next Best Action
  • Sentiment Analysis

Power your sales teams with a faster, more efficient sales process

Alignment Management

  • Mix and Match Alignment Strategy (Zip/Terr, Account to Territory etc.)
  • Manage Flexible IC Periods Across Sales Teams
  • Incremental Add/Drops Based on Field Change Requests
  • Provide Preview and Approval to Reps/Managers
  • Prebuilt Integrations with Major CRM Systems
  • Leverage Our Specially Designed Mapping Tool for Scenario Planning and New Field Teams
  • Compliace Monitoring to Check Approved Specialities
  • Manual Overwrites

Roster Management

  • Employee Profiles
  • Territory Hierarchy
  • Employee – Territory Assignments
  • Asset Tracking
  • Time Off Territory
  • Vacant Territory /Covering Territory Management
  • Integration with HR Systems
  • Activate Future Dated Changes and Preview
  • Full Historical Views Providing Point in Time Data

Field Data Change Requests

  • Initiate Requests from BirdzAI App or CRM
  • Pre-built workflows to route requests and approvals
  • Resolve more than 90% requests automatically
  • Realtime lookup with Data Providers
  • Automated workflows for pending requests
  • Address Standardization and Fuzzy Matches
  • Updated CRM Alignment on Approval in Realtime

Incentive Compensation

  • Scenario Planning and Calculations
  • Alignment Strategy
  • Quota and Attainment Planning and Monitoring
  • Monthly/Weekly Trackers, Ranking Reports
  • Pay-out Calculations and Communication
  • Contest Planning, Execution and Payments

Product Master

  • Create Custom Market Hierarchies
  • Update CRM System
  • Provide Hiearchy to Data Providers


  • Brand 360, Team 360, and Customer 360 Views
  • Vast Collection of Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards
  • Enterprise Solution For All Business Units
  • Best in Class Solution for Desktop and Mobile
  • Natural Language Q&A
  • Combine Data Sources in Run Time
  • One Click Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Operational Reporting

Vendor Data Integrations

  • API Based Integration For Inbound and Outbound Integrations
  • Pre-built connectors for major vendors supporting the industry
  • Automation For Delivery and Ingestion
  • Data Validation, Error Handling, and Remediation Support
  • Rule-Based Processing and Transformation

Help Desk

  • Provide Complete Help Desk Support to Field users
  • Support Business Systems, Processes, and Hardware
  • Call Center Support
  • Asset Deployment and Management
  • Software Licensing
  • Training

CRM Implementation

  • Veeva, SFDC, and Microsoft Partner
  • Certified Resources
  • Industry Best Practices and Templated Deployment
  • System Configuration, Data Load, and Post Launch Support

Build and Operate Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Web and Digital Build Out

  • Best in Class Digital Development Support
  • Work with Brand Agencies to Build and Integrate Marketing Presence
  • Provide you with the ownership of your digital platforms and assets
  • Work with the Brand Team and Agency Through PRC Approval Process and Deployment
  • Support Special Projects and Build-Outs For Other Services Such as Virtual Booth, Content Build Out, Approved Email Build and CRM Deployment
  • Monitor and Improve SEO

Marketing Automation

  • Configure and Deploy Marketing Automation Platforms Such as SFDC, Adobe, HubSpot
  • Plan and Execute Marketing Messages Through Right Channel at Right Time
  • Build Customer Journey
  • Execute Social Media Strategy

Reporting and Analytics

  • Build Customer 360 View and Monitor
  • Leverage Our Pre-built AI-Driven Marketing Mix Model
  • Design Next Best Action and Execute Through Various Channels
  • Channel Impact and Optimization Analytics
  • Providing Operational and Management Reporting

Data Integration

  • Support All Marketing Activities Across Multiple Brands From Common Data Platform
  • Integrate Sales, Marketing, and Third-party Data Sources to Provide One View
  • Consent Capture and Automation
  • Provide Inbound/Outbound Data Integration to Third Party Agencies