Frequently Asked Questions

  • Based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey, P360 is a leading developer of technology for the life sciences industry. Delivering a 360-view through the pharma, physician, laboratory, manufacturing and patient ecosystem, P360 designs and deploys capabilities that ensure the highest efficiencies and returns on sales operations, data management, clinical trials, patient centricity and IoT innovation. Product offerings include the ZING Engagement Suite, BirdzAI, PatientJourney360, and Swittons.
  • The ZING Engagement Suite is a comprehensive digital-first solution that enables compliant omnichannel HCP engagement by enhancing existing communication channels with features including text messaging, two-way voice and video calling, onscreen collaboration and form sharing, inbound communications with QR code scanning, artificial intelligence (AI) assistance, signature capture, easy access integrations and more.
  • Powered by P360, Swittons technology is a ubiquitous enterprise solution that extends remote ecosystems, provides automations and enhances controls by enabling true human-to-digital workflows. Swittons devices come out of the box ready and automatically connect through a Wi-Fi or LTE-M cellular connection. The Swittons platform also features a flexible user portal that includes device usage dashboards and advanced, customizable analytics built in a comprehensive SAS application foundation.
  • Data360 helps power both small and large enterprises through the complexities associated with data management. Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud and PowerBI, Data360 is the only end-to-end data management and analytics solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Although it is extremely robust, Data360 can easily be tailored to meet any organization’s specific business intelligence needs. By serving as a central data hub for proprietary and tertiary datasets, Data360 ensures organizations are on a solid data foundation.
  • The BirdzAI platform is a sales enablement platform for the life sciences industry that includes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. BirdzAI enables real-time decision-making for sales organizations by providing deep insights derived from a wide variety of proprietary and tertiary datasets. Key features include sales forecasting, churn prediction, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights and more. BirdzAI, which is backed by P360’s robust Data360 commercial data hub and offers unique functionality for companies launching new drugs into the marketplace. Other important capabilities include customer alignment, customer master data management, territory planning and sizing, call planning, incentive compensation strategy and payout, roster management and field and management reporting.
  • HCP engagement is the process whereby pharmaceutical representatives delivering relevant, pertinent, and timely medical information to healthcare professionals. This includes information about new drugs on the market, their applications, their side effects and more.