Powered Sales Enablement

BirdzAI, our flagship sales solution, is a 360 degree full-lifecycle suite for sales performance, from data management and lead resolution to data compliance.


Your sales team powered with a faster, more efficient sales process.

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to manage all your major business processes and data needs from one platform, it is possible. Now you can eliminate manual work and operational delays to empower your users with P360’s BirdzAI.

As a revolutionary platform for your entire Sales Operations, you can maintain history by IC periods, preview alignments, manage multiple teams and zip codes / territories, and easily navigate your customer masters. Our system fully integrates with your existing systems, and since it’s built on Microsoft foundations, it integrates with all those platforms, too.

In addition to simplifying your processes, our solution comes with pre-built integrations with major vendors such as Veeva, MedPro, Symphony, IQVIA etc.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Automated workflow for approvals
  • Compliance guideline monitoring
  • Reduce manual processing by data stewards
  • Easy data standardization and validation
  • Simplified case management
  • Complete audit history of changes
  • More efficient management of your Sales Teams


  • Customer Master
  • Alignment
  • Call Planning
  • Rep Rosters
  • Data Change Capture
  • Affiliations
  • Deciles and More


BirdzAI is tailored to meet your sales needs – augmenting your existing business processes and integrated with your operational flow.


BirdzAI ZING Communication Module

Send compliant SMS Text Messages to Physician customers without compromise:
  • Personalized and flexible message templates, approved by your Compliance department
  • Easy to use interface, so you can create your own text templates
  • Powerful, brandable user portal to track individual messages, clicks and more
  • Backend dashboard offering custom reporting and other management tools
  • Seamless integration with your CRM to catalog data back to sales profiles

The BirdzAI ZING Communication Module enables deeper engagement with physician customers by helping sales teams build compliant relationships around communication that matters!

Experience the BirdzAI ZING communication module

Advanced Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

P360 strives to help pharma and life sciences companies streamline their organizational efficiency and processes through robust IT solutions and pharma software tailored to their unique needs.


Improve Sales Potential Exponentially

Trust the growth and efficacy of your pharma sales operations process to a unique commercial pharma sales platform tailored to your unique industry and market needs

Elevate your Clinical Capability

Imagine your clinical trial empowered with a foundation that brings higher efficiency and agile management. Engage with a trusted provider to bring your trials to the next level.

Raise the Bar of Holistic Patient Management

High-end custom therapies demand a different paradigm of patient service - trust a solution that enables ALL aspects of patient care.

Empower Data as an Entity

You might have analytics, but have you graduated to empowering data within your enterprise workflow? Trust a solution which integrates data into your business processes, in ways you never dreamed of before.

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