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8 Reasons the Cloud is Your Go-To Pharma Patient Services Resource

Brian Fitzgerald | January 21, 2022


Disruptions due to hyper-digitalization, mobile revolution and social media explosion are no longer new tech innovations that make it to the headlines. Initially, the impact of the cloud platform was apparent in sales, marketing campaign management, and call centers. However, organizations across industries have realized the importance of integrating the cloud platform. Especially SaaS solutions, to other departments as well, like Research & Development and Supply Chain Management. The effect on life science industries has been no different. For cloud adoption to be on par with that of sales and marketing, the business models of life science companies must be restructured for better patient outcomes.

Life science companies understand the high risk of expiring patterns, reduced prescriber interactions and difficult managed care markets. M&A activities have slowed down as well. Technology is going to be the enabler of future growth and reduced cost. Cloud migration is at the forefront of digital transformation. The ultimate goal for the life sciences industry is to provide better patient outcomes, new product development and create opportunities for new markets and partnerships through the convergence of technologies.

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Here are eight reasons the cloud is the go-to pharma patient service resource in the life sciences industry without the cloud:

  1. The journey to the integration of the cloud to R&D and Supply Chain has not been smooth-sailing. The impediment in adopting the same to these new departments has been in complying with the industry regulations regarding privacy and reporting, and protection of intellectual property.
    However, the growing sophistication due to enhanced security and tailor-made solutions define its effectiveness. Cloud platforms now enable life science companies to ensure more effective solutions to patients, accelerate new product development, and encourage expansion into new markets.
  2. Cloud offers life science companies the opportunity to not only create an operating model that is more agile, collaborative and nimble, but also reduces costs.
  3. With new medicines and services being developed based on data from multiple sources and innovation, new-product development receives a constant boost from the cloud.
  4. Cross-enterprise collaboration also gets a much-needed push, enabling the outsourcing of R&D tasks that make cost control a reality.
  5. Cloud has made it possible for life science companies to experiment and develop more innovative technologies. The virtual laboratory platform is one of the most path-breaking cloud solutions that are taking the life science industry by storm.
    These can be accessed through devices, through a secure channel, with an internet connection. These laboratories are enabled with virtual staff from several contract research companies. Reviews and ratings from these virtual staff help scientists in their experiments.
  6. Data aggregation from clinical trials undertaken by the partners of life science companies like contract research organizations, teaching hospitals and academic institutions also become possible because of the cloud.
  7. Cloud is revolutionizing the way life science companies communicate with their customers. Digital channels of communication are facilitating life science organizations to reach out directly to their customers.
    These channels help in tracking and monitoring data for valuable insights, improving the revenue stream of the life science companies.
  8. The magic of cloud offers life science companies the freedom to experiment with alternative innovative approaches for building on better infrastructure, and that too without increasing investments.

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This helps them to be more efficient in the stakeholder ecosystem, and leverage automated technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive marketplace. Cloud solutions, especially SaaS solutions, is one of the smartest way forward for life science companies to grow through new-product developments, more partnerships and drive better patient outcomes. Also, it achieves all of these at controlled costs!

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