Powered Data360

Single 360 degree data view at a glance for world-class user productivity and data quality.

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Powered Data360

Your insight powered in every aspect of engagement.

Leverage end-to-end analytics intelligence for predictive power and next best actions. The comprehensive pharmaceutical analytics and data management suite delivers an end-to-end intelligence analytics platform with an ample set of tools to facilitate and support your organization.

Providing users with complete insights at a single glance increases user productivity and quality of data enormously, the Data360 platform is the only solution in the pharma technology marketplace that provides end-to-end pharma data analytics and data management solutions.

P360 analytics models are designed to deploy rapidly and provide access to the right information for your specific business needs, at the right time. Our advanced pharmaceutical analytics applications help you convert data into intelligent actions through learning models that can predict far more accurately than human beings, using hundreds of variables.

  • Sales Reporting
  • Insights / Next Best Action
  • Call and Plan Alignments
  • Deciles
  • Affiliations
  • Incentive Comp
  • Rosters
  • Managed Care
  • Gross to Net / Forecasting
  • Aggregate Spend
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Sentiments
    Data Sources:
  • Prescription Data
  • Call Activity
  • Contracts
  • Plan Formulary
  • Hub / Specialty Pharmacy
  • Speaker Bureau Claims
  • Sample Shipment License Validation
  • Rebates and Chargebacks
  • Call Center Rosters Expenses
  • Human Resources


  • Data warehouse
  • Machine learning models
  • Integrations
  • Prebuilt reports and dashboards
  • Predict outcomes
  • Automate actions


Our Powered solutions are tailored to meet your needs – augmenting your existing business processes and integrated with your operational flow.

Advanced Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

P360 strives to help pharma and life sciences companies streamline their organizational efficiency and processes through robust IT solutions and pharma software tailored to their unique needs.


Improve Sales Potential Exponentially

Trust the growth and efficacy of your pharma sales operations process to a unique commercial pharma sales platform tailored to your unique industry and market needs

Raise the Bar of Holistic Patient Management

High-end custom therapies demand a different paradigm of patient service - trust a solution that enables ALL aspects of patient care.

Empower Data as an Entity

You might have analytics, but have you graduated to empowering data within your enterprise workflow? Trust a solution which integrates data into your business processes, in ways you never dreamed of before.

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