Pharma Data Analytics Platform BirdzAI enhanced by 4 new modules

Kimberly Gregorio | September 6, 2022

BirdzAI now features modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operation, and Marketing Operations

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Our BirdzAI data and analytics platform has been enhanced with four powerful new pre-built modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations, and Marketing Operations. With these enhancements, BirdzAI’s next-generation ecosystem supports pharmaceutical commercial operations with rapid, end-to-end data management capabilities, including the ingestion, storage, processing and analysis of data derived from commonly used sources like first and third-party prescription data, specialty pharmacy data feeds, CRM systems, marketing interactions reports and more.

“With BirdzAI’s new modules, we are giving pharmaceutical commercial operations the ability to generate insights, efficiencies and cost savings never before thought possible,” stated P360 Founder and CEO Anupam Nandwana. “To do this, we first develop a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem. From there, we incorporate advanced algorithms and workflows that enable sales and marketing teams to automate processes and arrive at faster, more reliable business decisions. And we do this in a way that enhances a company’s current systems.”

Once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now part of our everyday lives. From life-like chatbots to drug discovery and everything in between, AI’s algorithms are creating insights, efficiencies, and cost savings never before thought possible. And for pharmaceutical commercial operations, the quickly evolving technology enables teams to automate processes and arrive at faster, more reliable business decisions.

“For pharmaceutical revenue operations leaders, AI is no longer a luxury; it is a must-have,” added Nandwana. “And thanks to its rapid evolution and ongoing adoption, it is now a viable option for most enterprises.”

Thanks to ongoing advances in AI technology, creating highly optimized sales and marketing processes is now achievable for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. And forward-thinking organizations that deploy AI correctly have a significant competitive advantage. However, no matter how innovative an AI’s algorithms are, results will be disappointing if they run on top of scattered, inconsistent, and outdated data.

To help pharmaceutical companies develop an effective, AI-powered future, the team at P360 completely reimagined how the BirdzAI platform operates. The robust yet flexible solution integrates easily with any commercial operations workflow and creates a single source of truth by bringing all of an organization’s sales and marketing data together into a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem. The platform’s advanced AI and machine learning algorithms then turn that data into insights for real-time sales and marketing operations decision-making, including forecasting, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, customer alignment, customer, territory planning and sizing, and incentive compensation strategy, and much more.

Data integration

Although AI gets the lion’s share of headlines, the real magic begins at the data layer. An organization’s data often comes from a wide variety of sources and is touched by many people. If not effectively managed, this can result in redundant and even conflicting information. As your pharmaceutical commercial operation grows and becomes more complex, establishing processes and tools like BirdzAI for managing data at scale is essential.

“BirdzAI’s Master Data Management module helps pharmaceutical commercial operations to digitally transform effectively,” said Nandwana. “Building from a solid data foundation helps ensure the successful implementation of other technologies within the commercial operations workflow, including BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations, and Marketing Operations modules. Whether you already have a solution or need a solution, BirdzAI brings it all together under one umbrella.”

For those that need a complete solution, BirdzAI’s agile and customizable modules can be combined as a single deployment. However, the flexible nature of BirdzAI’s architecture also enables pharmaceutical IT teams to pick and choose the modules they need the most without the risk of incurring unneeded technical debt. And to make things even more efficient, each of BirdzAI’s modules integrates easily with existing systems. So, whether you need BirdzAI’s Master Data Management module, Insights & Analytics module, Sales Operations module, Marketing Operations module, or all four, P360 makes it easy.

Following is more information about what each of BirdzAI’s powerful modules includes.

Master Data Management Module

Although AI gets most of the headlines, the real magic begins at the data layer. An organization’s data often comes from a wide variety of sources and is touched by many people. If not effectively managed, this can result in redundant and even conflicting information. As your pharmaceutical commercial operation grows and becomes more complex, establishing processes and tools like BirdzAI for managing your most critical data at scale is essential.

BirdzAI’s Master Data Management module helps pharmaceutical commercial operations to digitally transform effectively by:

  • Providing a modern data estate. BirdzAI includes the technologies and tooling that help organizations automate and manage the storing and use of all data, no matter the source. And by building one golden ID for all customer sources and uniquely identifying the record with complete lineage and history, BirdzAI enables teams to work from a single source of truth.

  • Enabling change management. BirdzAI lets data stewards easily review changes that users have contributed and quickly accept or reject each change. This helps organizations avoid data silos and gain higher data integrity.

  • Supporting data validation, rules & processes. BirdzAI’s data validation processes support sound data governance. Using rules automation, BirdzAI ensures data is being utilized within acceptable values for data ownership and stewardship.

  • Enhancing data capture & integration. BirdzAI provides automations and pipelines that enable secure data ingestion from all sources, consistent data capture, and integration within the overall data environment. Simply stated, BirdzAI helps pharmaceutical organizations to collect data, merge it and transform it into usable information in a real-time, seamless manner.

  • Enabling scalability while maintaining security and compliance. With BirdzAI, organizations can apply corporate security standards and compliance standards to all data easily and efficiently. These standards are stored in a dedicated cloud tenant in Microsoft Azure, enabling compliant, scalable, and secure data governance.

BirdzAI’s Master Data Management module alleviates the pains caused by siloed information, unorganized data streams, too many portal logins, and compliance challenges.

Insights & Analytics Module

Once an organization is sitting on a solid data foundation, it becomes easier to ensure the successful implementation of other technologies within the commercial operations workflow, including BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics module. Advanced analytics within the pharmaceutical industry includes tools such as AI, machine learning, and data mining, which all have the ability to transform the commercial function in powerful new ways. Not only do these technologies enable process automations, but they can also help deliver data-driven predictive insights that can dramatically change how executives make strategic decisions and manage financial performance across all commercial areas.

Pharma analytics

While some organizations have invested heavily in advancing their analytic capabilities, the level of sophistication varies amongst companies. BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics Module was designed to help all organizations, regardless of sophistication, take their analytics and insights even further by:

  • Providing powerful, pre-built machine learning models. BirdzAI’s innovative algorithms enable real-time decision-making by providing deep insights derived from a wide variety of proprietary and tertiary datasets.

  • Enhancing activities like call planning & optimization. The BirdzAI platform offers unique functionality for companies launching new drugs into the marketplace. Key features and tested processes include customer alignment, territory planning and sizing, call planning, incentive compensation strategy and payout, roster management, and field and management reporting.

  • Powering sales with segmentation, optimization & forecasting. BirdzAI helps companies eliminate the guesswork often associated with sales operations by providing insights including sales forecasting, churn prediction, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, and more. For example, BirdzAI’s innovative capabilities are able to show, in real-time, which brands a specific physician is prescribing, and which ones they might be stepping away from.

BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics module alleviates the pains caused by an inability to query search across multiple data streams, lack of reporting to and insights into information, compatibility issues with data sources, and next best action blind spots.

Sales Operations Module

With BirdzAI, pharmaceutical sales teams can manage all of their data and business processes within a single platform. No more juggling multiple logins, interfaces, and data sources. BirdzAI fully integrates with existing systems and platforms and comes with pre-built integrations with major vendors such as Veeva, Microsoft, MedPro, Symphony, IQVIA, and more. And best of all, BirzAI’s powerful automations and seamless workflows remove manual work and operational delays, allowing sales teams to focus on what they do best.

Sales & Marketing Operations

BirdzAI’s Sales Operations Module also offers:

  • Streamlined alignment management. With BirdzAI, sales leaders can mix and match alignment strategies (account to territory, etc.), manage flexible IC periods across sales teams, account for incremental add/drops based on field change requests, and provide previews and approvals to reps and managers. The platform also comes with a custom-designed mapping tool for scenario planning and new field teams, compliance monitoring to check approved specialties, and manual overwrites.

  • Simplified roster management. Sales leaders can easily view and work within employee profiles, territory hierarchy, employee–territory assignments, asset tracking, time off territory, and vacant territory /covering territory management. BirdzAI also integrates with HR systems.

  • Convenient field data change requests. BirdzAI enables sales leaders to initiate requests from the BirdzAI App or CRM. The platform’s pre-built workflows help route requests and approvals and resolve more than 90% of requests automatically. The module also features real-time lookup with data providers, automated workflows for pending requests, address standardization and fuzzy matches, and updates CRM alignment on approval in real-time.

  • Incentive compensation automation. With BirdzAI, sales leaders can easily execute scenario planning and calculations, alignment strategy, quota and attainment planning, and monitoring. The module also features monthly/weekly trackers, ranking reports, pay-out calculations and communication, and contest planning, execution, and payments.

  • Customizable product master. Enables sales teams and leaders to create custom market hierarchies, easily update CRM systems, provide hierarchy to data providers, and more.

  • Dynamic reporting. BirdzAI’s reporting engine provides a 360-degree view of the brand, team, and customer performance. The module also includes a vast collection of pre-built reports and dashboards that can be utilized by all business units. The best-in-class solution includes desktop and mobile versions, a natural language Q&A, one-click export to Microsoft Excel, and more.

  • Seamless vendor data integration. BirdzAI includes API-based integration for inbound and outbound technologies, pre-built connectors with major vendors supporting the industry, automation for data delivery and ingestion, data validation, error handling, and remediation support.

  • CRM implementation support. BirdzAI integrates with Veeva, Salesforce, and Microsoft environments. P360 is a Certified Microsoft Partner and uses industry best practices to deliver templated deployment, system configuration, data load, and post-launch support.

  • Help desk support. P360 will provide complete help desk and call center support for BirdzAI field users. This includes support for asset deployment and management, software licensing, training, and business systems, processes, and hardware.

BirdzAI’s Sales Operations module alleviates the pains caused by hard-to-find data, unorganized rep or territory alignment, cumbersome phone and email routing, complicated compensation tracking and planning, and the need for multiple devices for coordinating phone calls, video calls, and in-person calls.

Marketing Operations Module

Whether it’s launching a new therapeutic or simply managing day-to-day activities, BirdzAI’s seamless workflows enable pharmaceutical marketing teams to get the most out of their data and systems. BirdzAI is completely customizable and fully integrates with existing systems and platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. And the marketing operations module’s powerful automations remove manual processes and operational delays, allowing marketing teams to focus on the big picture without getting distracted by all the details.

pharma ai Analytics

BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations module was designed to help pharmaceutical marketing teams of all sizes take their talents even further with:

  • Dynamic reporting & deep analytics. With BirdzAI, marketing teams get a 360-degree view of current and potential customers. And by leveraging the platform's pre-built, AI-driven marketing models, teams can monitor trends, design the next best actions, and execute through various channels. BirdzAI even offers channel impact and optimization analytics, as well as operational and management reporting.

  • Seamless data integration. BirdzAI supports marketing activities across all brands by providing a unified data platform that integrates sales, marketing, and third-party data sources. This allows commercial operations to operate efficiently, effectively, and from a single source of truth.

  • Marketing automation. Along with the BirdzAI Marketing Operations module, the team at P360 will help configure and deploy marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe, HubSpot, and more. And our experts will even help marketing teams plan and execute marketing messages, ensuring they are delivered through the right channel at the right time. This includes everything from building customer journeys to executing social media strategies. P360 fills all the gaps when it comes to connecting with customers at scale in a personalized way.

  • Web & digital build-out. P360 also offers BirdzAI customers best-in-class digital development support. The team works with brand teams and agencies to build and integrate an effective marketing presence while enabling your teams to retain ownership of digital platforms and assets. Our experts will also work through the PRC approval process and deployment and support special projects and build-outs for other services such as virtual booths, content creation, email cadences, CRM deployment, SEO optimization, and more.

BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations module alleviates the pains caused by a lack of ownership of digital platforms and assets, difficulties with coordinating across multiple calendars, compliance issues, lack of follow-up when out of the office or out of reach, incomplete marketing journey, and an inability to collaborate on forms for complex therapy.

BirdzAI is the right choice for forward-thinking pharmaceutical commercial operations that want to make the most of their data!

“Pharmaceutical commercial operations that incorporate these modules into their workflows, business models, and services will be able to out-perform their competitors and will ultimately be the ones that thrive in our quickly evolving technology-powered landscape,” added Nandwana.

Delivering a 360 view through the pharma-to-physician ecosystem, P360 designs and deploys capabilities that ensure the highest efficiencies and returns on sales operations, data management, and IoT innovation. With expertise in supporting commercial operations for companies of all sizes, P360 has built an industry-leading platform that gives customers ownership of their data and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

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