Why our CEO attends select sales meetings

sales meetings

by Kimberly Brue | Last Updated: June 9, 2021 | 1 min read

Having a meeting with P360? You might be lucky enough to be joined by our CEO, Anupam Nandwana. Not because he’s bored – but quite the opposite. It’s because he’s busy. Anupam is a brilliant, passionate, driven CEO with a strong footprint in the high-technology world for life sciences. And he likes to feel the pulse of the clients. Period.

With over 150 staff members globally, P360 is still considered small – but with a CAGR of over 50% for the last 4 years, our trajectory is logarithmic. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. We offer a variety of solutions and IoT devices for life sciences business, particularly for sales operations, clinical trials, lab workstreams, data reporting, and AI and machine learning. Plus, we can customize our solutions or build new platforms depending on client needs. So we’re also a solution concierge.

But this article isn’t about that – it’s about why our CEO attends sales meetings. How else can you lead a company if you aren’t directly in touch with your audience’s needs, from the earliest opportunities for discussion?

Let’s take early sales meetings for example – the potential client is coming to you with a budding need – they are hungry for a solution and have specific pain points or questions in mind. They are eagerly ready to open the floodgates with the hope of brainstorming something that might change their lives. Those first interfaces are a magical world of discovery. Literally. And those moments happen only once. Anupam attends these meetings to be present at this rich interface – bathing in the high-tech volley like an innocent child relishing in a mud puddle for the first time. And the creativity is visible.

“Instead of a CEO relying on matriculated reports about client voice, Anupam has his ear directly at the client interface to absorb this energy. He sits in on the big and little meetings. It’s powerful to watch and it makes a critical difference.” – Edward Vaz, COO

It’s also about knowledge. Over the years, Anupam has been the developer of many solutions and has also worked in Pharma – he understands both sides of the table, from the ground up. His insights provide more than just “talking the talk” – his interjections of this wisdom bring a Yoda-like enlightenment to the sales meetings which further drives creativity. And since one of P360’s strengths IS customization, Anupam’s brilliance in the early client meetings often births an entirely new solution for the client, even at the enterprise level. Plus, many clients are striving for elements of digital transformation – Anupam’s presence can cohesively congeal these goals into one elevated path. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s truly amazing to watch.

This is how P360 is different. These elements all come together to create a different business style within P360 – a dualistic horizontal and vertical organization – built around close, multi-level interfaces with the client which then drives phenomenal customer service and ongoing logarithmic growth. And these drive success in our clients.

So, if you are interested in talking with P360 about solutions for you, don’t get the wrong idea if our CEO attends the meeting. It’s for the better. And after seeing Anupam’s strategy, I can’t imagine why any CEO would NOT do this.

Kimberly Brue

VP, Commercial Excellence

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