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Swittons Introduces Smart IoT Devices for Pharma Lab Digital Initiatives

Smart IoT Devices

by Kimberly Brue | Last Updated: August 11, 2020 | Read Time 1 min read

We are excited to announce our new line of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart devices built specifically for pharmaceutical labs. The fully customizable devices align with the strategic Lab of the Future (LoTF) initiatives and help automate various laboratory workflows between people and existing digital lab equipment, systems, and solutions. Built on an agile technology platform, Swittons devices are easy to deploy within pharmaceutical laboratories of all types.

“There are profound changes taking place in the area of life science research and development,” stated Swittons CEO and Founder Anupam Nandwana_. “Driven by technological advances and the development of precision medicines, these modernization initiatives are designed to propel laboratory efficiencies into the future, allowing scientists to spend more time on science. This has changed the very concept of what the lab is, and Swittons is a key part of that evolution.”_

The Swittons software platform is designed to provide life sciences companies with a modern, flexible user interface that not only integrates with other systems but other IoT devices as well. This flexibility gives labs the power to create their own LoTF, configured in the way that works best for their specific use case.

This means Swittons devices can be uniquely programmed, even within an individual laboratory, so end users aren’t forced into workflows that don’t fit their job function. In addition, the devices take up very little desk space, so they are conveniently available and work seamlessly within individual work styles.

Swittons LoTF

Swittons devices are designed to be compatible with existing IT systems and integrate with lab support platforms and services such as LIMS, eDOC, and ticketing systems. Swittons also features a powerful backend portal and reporting system, where administrators can view user CLICKS in one convenient location. The devices are even able to trigger phone and video calls via built-in integration with Microsoft Teams1.

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Each Swittons device can be custom branded and programmed for a wide range of laboratory scenarios. In pharmaceutical lab settings, Swittons fills the gap between the scientist and the lab by automating functions such as:

  • Trigger equipment maintenance
  • Open equipment service ticket
  • Indicate equipment availability
  • Trigger a video call
  • Notify of temperature control deviation
  • Notify of spill/cleaning needed
  • Equipment occupancy notification
  • Open tickets in service software such as ServiceNow, Salesforce Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Reorder reagents
  • Re-stock disposable supplies
  • Report OOS or Aberrant result
  • Summon a lab runner
  • Open SOP software
  • Alert in an emergency

Swittons is built on Microsoft Azure2, and each device comes out of the box ready and automatically connects through a Wi-Fi or GSM cellular connection. More information about Swittons for LoTF initiatives.

Swittons is powered by the technology and expertise developed by P360. Delivering a 360-view through the pharma physician, laboratory, and patient ecosystem, P360 designs and deploys capabilities that ensure the highest efficiencies and returns on sales operations, data management, clinical trials, patient centricity, and IoT innovation. To learn more, contact us below.

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1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software

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