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4 Reasons Why You Need A Pharma Data Analytics Solution

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by Kimberly Brue | Last Updated: February 7, 2022 | 1 min read

Collecting data can be incredibly beneficial for improving outcomes, increasing efficiency and creating a more positive patient experience, but how do you go about ensuring that you're taking full advantage of the information you gather? We live in an age where it's commonplace to collect and evaluate data, but success is not a given. There's a risk of wasting data and missing out on valuable opportunities offered by effective pharma analytics. This guide will highlight some of the main benefits of pharma analytics and the most common causes of substandard results. Data analytics is playing an increasingly instrumental role in the pharma industry. The aim is to utilize software and data collection methods to eliminate the guesswork from providing customers with services and products they want.

By gathering data and analyzing it, you can gain great insight into the processes you undertake, identify gaps and obstacles, and learn more about your patients. Integrated pharma analytics solutions offer a raft of benefits for both companies and patients.

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Here Are 4 Of The Most Significant Advantages Of Harnessing The Power Of Analytics:

1. Simplifying and breaking down vast amounts of data.

Businesses collect a huge amount of data, and this can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine which pieces of information are useful and to turn that information into data that is digestible and, most importantly, actionable. Our pharma analytics solutions are designed to simplify data, creating a clear visualization that can be used to develop future strategies.

2 . Making data-driven decisions.

Pharma companies are required to make decisions on an ongoing basis. Collecting and analyzing information enables you to make smart, data-driven decisions that are likely to be much more impactful than relying on guesswork.

3. Resolve issues rapidly.

Cutting edge analytics programs facilitate rapid, real-time reactions to enable you to respond as quickly as possible and minimize disruption when dealing with challenges.

4 . Learn more about your customers.

The pharma patient relationship is changing, and analytics software enables you to learn more about your patients to achieve better patient experience and improved outcomes.

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Why Your Analytics Aren't Providing The Value You Want

If you're collecting a massive amount of data on a daily basis, but your analytics aren't providing the value you want, there may be several reasons why you're not getting results.
The main issue pharma companies face is being unable to actually utilize the data they gather to create actionable solutions.
You may have access to incredibly useful information, but the key to taking advantage of the power of analytics lies in knowing what to do next. Without this knowledge, data is wasted.

The most common causes of wasted data include:

1. Failing to make data-driven decisions

If you have data in front of you, use it to influence decision making. If you move forward based on facts and figures, this can lower risks and contribute to more predictable outcomes.

2. Data analysis shortfalls

Data analysis can be extremely detailed and it requires a lot of skill to understand exactly what the information in front of you represents.
Modern analytics solutions are designed to interpret data and create accurate representations and visualizations that give you much deeper insight and a profound understanding of the numbers and charts that result.

3. Answering the wrong questions

Data analysis should be based on clear, targeted objectives, which focus on finding out why, rather than what.

4. Overcoming the process

Often, the most simplistic processes achieve the best results. Over-complicating analytics can lead to confusion and a lack of clarity, which impacts results. There's no need to make the process more complex than it needs to be.

5. Failing to define clear goals

When you implement analytics, it's always wise to have clear goals and targets in mind. Rather than working towards an overall improvement in patient relationships, marketing performance, efficiency, and patient experience. If you understand your priorities, you can focus on identifying problems and using analytics to provide solutions and make improvements in key areas.

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Tips To Ensure You Get The Best Out Of Pharma Analytics

Pharma companies collect a staggering amount of data, but a significant amount is wasted because it's difficult to decipher. While not all the data collected will be useful, there's a high risk of wasting data that could be valuable if you don't employ effective analytics. As we've already discovered, there are multiple reasons why analytics campaigns can fall flat. The good news is that there are also several ways to increase the efficacy of analytics and ensure that your pharma brand is getting the most out of the data you collect and evaluate.

These include:

1. Setting goals and establishing targets

Every person who is involved in processes that are influenced by analytics should be aware of these objectives.

2. Creating a plan based on usable information and answers

It's not enough to have access to data. You need to know how to use the information to take the necessary next steps by converting data into actionable solutions.

3. Ensuring Convenience

Analytics should always make life simpler and contribute to improvements for pharma brands. If the system is too complex, or information is not readily available, this may not be the case. Ensure that data is accessible and invest in tailored solutions. If you're used to talking to customers over the phone, it's useful to be able to bring up real-time data to them for example.

4. Using an integrated system

Integrated pharma data analytics solutions are designed to create a harmonious environment and efficient systems and processes that complement the day-to-day operations of the company. With an integrated platform, you can access internal and external data at the touch of a button, enabling you to make better business decisions with minimal effort.

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To maximize the benefits of pharma analytics, it pays off to invest in integrated solutions that inform business decisions and produce actionable outcomes. Well, that's pretty much it! We know it may be a lot take in but if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our pharma data analytics solution, contact us.