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How the BirdzAI Insights & Analytics Module Improves Call Planning, Segmentation and Forecasting

Kimberly Gregorio | October 11, 2022

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When a small group of scientists met at Dartmouth College in 1956 for the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop, they hypothesized that a man-made intelligence similar to the human brain was just around the corner. But as with many futuristic ideas, things sometimes take a few generations to materialize. And although we still haven’t reached artificial sentience, the field of AI seems to have finally found its way. AI now appears to be everywhere.

Today, it's nearly impossible to talk about technology without AI entering into the conversation. This is especially true when it comes to discussions about competitive advantages for pharmaceutical commercial operations. And there is a good reason for this. According to a recent McKinsey & Company survey1, 74% of respondents agree that AI adoption in marketing and sales has helped to increase business revenue.

Why AI is a Must for Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations

One of the first pharmaceutical companies to reveal it was utilizing AI technology for sales and marketing was Novartis. Sixty-three years after the Dartmouth College AI meet-up, in 2019, Novartis made headlines when it armed its sales force with an AI-driven solution designed to help sales reps identify prescribers they should visit. It even provided insights into topics reps should discuss while at an HCPs office. The list of pharmaceutical companies investing in AI for sales and marketing only grew from there.

AI has become a complete game-changer and experts warn that teams that fail to implement it will be severely disadvantaged. That is because pharma’s promotional environment now requires a more sophisticated approach to commercialization than ever before. As such, companies will win big by using AI to personalize engagement, increase brand exposure and improve outcomes across promotional channels. And to help pharmaceutical companies develop an effective AI-powered future, the team at P360 completely reimagined how the BirdzAI data and analytics platform operates.

BirdzAI’s Powerful Modules

BirdzAI now comes fully equipped with four powerful new pre-built modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations, and Marketing Operations. For those that need a complete solution, BirdzAI’s agile and customizable modules can be combined as a single deployment. However, the flexible nature of BirdzAI’s architecture also enables pharmaceutical IT teams to pick and choose modules without incurring unneeded technical debt. But no matter what configuration teams choose, BirdzAI is all about making the most of data.

BirdzAI’s next-generation ecosystem was designed to power pharmaceutical commercial operations with rapid, end-to-end data management capabilities, including the ingestion, storage, processing and analysis of data derived from commonly used sources like first and third-party prescription data, specialty pharmacy data feeds, CRM systems, marketing interactions reports and more. By bringing all commercial data together into a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem, the powerful solution creates a single source of truth for the entire enterprise. That’s what helps the platform’s algorithms turn enterprise-wide data into insights for real-time sales and marketing operations decision-making, including forecasting, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, customer alignment, customer, territory planning and sizing, and incentive compensation strategy, and much more. And that’s the power of BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics Module.

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Better Call Planning, Segmentation and Forecasting

Not only does BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics Module enable process automations, it also delivers data-driven predictive insights that can dramatically change how executives make strategic decisions and manage financial performance across all commercial areas. And while the level of investment varies amongst companies, BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics Module was designed to help all organizations, regardless of size, take their analytics and insights even further.

One of the ways BirdzAI does this is by providing powerful, pre-built machine learning models that enable real-time decision-making derived from deep insights compiled from a wide variety of proprietary and tertiary datasets. And this significantly enhances activities like call planning, segmentation and forecasting.

  • Call planning & optimization. The BirdzAI platform offers unique functionality for companies launching new drugs into the marketplace. Key features and tested processes include customer alignment, territory planning and sizing, call planning, incentive compensation strategy and payout, roster management, and field and management reporting.

  • Sales segmentation, optimization & forecasting. BirdzAI helps companies eliminate the guesswork often associated with sales operations by providing insights including sales forecasting, churn prediction, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, and more. For example, BirdzAI’s innovative capabilities can show, in real-time, which brands a specific physician is prescribing, and which ones they might be stepping away from.

To see BirdzAI’s full list of capabilities, visit P360.com/BirdzAI.


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