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ZING and Swittons are Now SOC 2 Type II Compliance Certified

ZING and Swittons

by Kimberly Gregorio | Last Updated: December 13, 2022 | 1 min read

The certification validates P360’s role as a reliable data partner that ensures the safety and privacy of customer data

We are excited to share that P360 has successfully completed a third-party audit of its data security and privacy protection processes, whereby it achieved SOC 2 Type II certification for the ZING Engagement Suite and Swittons lineup of IoT-powered smart devices. P360 works with large amounts of data for leading pharmaceutical companies, helping them connect with key stakeholders easily and efficiently. And this certification confirms that P360 is a trusted partner for pharmaceutical enterprises with high security standards.

“The SOC 2 Type II certification validates P360’s approach to data and privacy,” said P360 Co-Founder and CEO Anupam Nandwana. “Spanning two years, the successful completion of the audit confirms that we meet important industry standards and follow all the required criteria for security, availability and confidentiality. With trust and privacy at the forefront of everything we do, this is welcome news.”

SOC 2 Type II compliance verifies that P360 has the service commitments and system requirements in place to meet the applicable SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria and emphasizes the company’s commitment to maintaining privacy and security. The certification not only documents the maturity of the company’s systems and processes, but also demonstrates the enterprise-readiness and the operational effectiveness of P360. With the amount of data flowing across today’s enterprise, creating a robust, dependable, auditable architecture is essential for pharmaceutical commercial operations of every size.

“P360’s security posture is critical for minimizing downtime, combating against cyber-attackers and enhancing compliance standards,” added Nandwana. “And with that, customers that rely on ZING and Swittons can rest assured that they aren’t opening themselves to unwanted vulnerabilities.”

The team at P360 has decades of experience managing sales and marketing infrastructure for pharmaceutical commercial businesses, with a focus on creating innovative and disruptive technologies that digitally transform the industry. And two of P360’s most popular innovations are the ZING Engagement Suite and Swittons IoT-enabled smart devices.

The ZING Engagement Suite

No Apps. No Logins. No Friction. That’s the driving force behind the ZING Engagement Suite.

With ZING, pharmaceutical teams can exchange compliant, two-way unified messaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their staff members without barriers. To HCPs, ZING offers a seamless, hassle-free experience that integrates with their normal method for receiving messages, be it SMS text messaging, WhatsApp, or any other communication platform. ZING is vendor agnostic in that regard, and the comprehensive and compliant solution enhances a HCPs existing communication channel with features including text messaging, two-way voice and video calling, onscreen collaboration, form sharing, QR code scanning, artificial intelligence (AI) assistance, signature capture, easy access integrations and more. With ZING, P360 has achieved what other can’t: making physician engagement immediate, intentional and unabrasive while remaining compliant.


Swittons is a ubiquitous enterprise solution that extends remote ecosystems, provides automations and enhances controls by enabling true human-to-digital workflows. Combining RFID technology with push-button functionality and built-in mobile connectivity, Swittons can authenticate and streamline key processes within service ecosystems, supply chains, customer communication, manufacturing, inventory controls, emergency response and more. The full lineup of Swittons smart devices has become extremely popular within the pharmaceutical industry to streamline remote physician engagement, lab operations, clinical trials and more by automating frequent requests and triggering communication channels.

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