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Embedded Video Anywhere Makes HCP Engagement a Breeze with ZING

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by Kathleen McQuade | Last Updated: May 31, 2022 | Read Time 1 min read

Against the backdrop of skyrocketing costs and mounting regulation, pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in their organization’s digital transformation. Everything from how R&D is conducted to how brands connect with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients is being reinvented. And for pharmaceutical sales operations, improving prescriber engagement is the top priority. But unfortunately, many of the current solutions don’t take into account what prescribers want when it comes to the pharma-physician relationship.

Although 82% of physicians we surveyed said they prefer digital communication to all other modes of engagement, not just any solution will do. HCPs want more control over how and when they communicate with reps. And some of the pain points associated with traditional digital solutions include:

  • It’s not easy for HCPs to find the right Pharma contact
  • There’s no automated way to get routed to a rep, even with NPID
  • Phone and email routing can be cumbersome
  • HCPs have to rely on multiple devices for coordinating video calls

And that’s why we developed the newly launched ZING Engagement Suite. ZING is a comprehensive digital-first solution that enables compliant omnichannel HCP engagement by enhancing existing communication channels with tons of features, including embedded video anywhere. This innovative feature answers the pain points above by enabling instant video calling from any digital channel. Call buttons can be embedded in presentations, IVAs, branded materials, websites and within CRM systems with no installation required.

That’s not all that ZING does, however. To learn about ZING’s other impressive features, check out this informative overview.

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