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BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module Provides Powerful Automations and Digital Build-Out Services

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by Kathleen McQuade | Last Updated: November 15, 2022 | 1 min read

As pharmaceutical commercial operations continue to digitally transform, more and more interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs) are occurring in a virtual world. But despite this evolution, marketing executives still need to focus on personalization. In fact, personalization is arguably more important now than ever, as prescribers are becoming more connected to brands through social media, email, SMS and other digital platforms. According to McKinsey & Co1, 71 percent of today’s consumers expect personalized interactions from companies, and 75 percent will switch from one brand to another if they’re not satisfied with their experience.

Although statistics like McKinsey & Co’s often pertain to business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors, it’s important to remember that HCPs are people too! That means that pharmaceutical marketing professionals need to take a personalized approach to their campaigns. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. In fact, technological research and consulting firm Gartner found that 63% of marketers2 struggle to personalize their marketing efforts.

A big reason for this is that marketers struggle to scale their customer acquisition and retention goals with technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. While 84 percent of the marketers in Gartner’s survey stated that AI and machine learning can enhance their ability to deliver real-time, it also discovered that only 17 percent of the respondents are using AI and machine learning. And that’s why the team at P360 created the BirdzAI Data and Analytics Platform.

Making Personalized HCP Engagement a Priority

Pharmaceutical marketing teams can depend on BirdzAI to help them personalize how they engage with HCPs. The robust yet flexible solution includes four powerful pre-built modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations and Marketing Operations. For those that need a complete solution, BirdzAI’s agile, customizable modules can be combined as a single deployment. However, the flexible nature of BirdzAI’s architecture also enables pharmaceutical teams to pick and choose the modules they need the most without the risk of incurring unneeded technical debt.

“With BirdzAI, we are giving pharmaceutical commercial operations the ability to build a solid data and analytics foundation in an agile and efficient way,” said P360 co-founder and CEO Nandwana. “No other enterprise solution offers this level of flexibility and customization.”

BirdzAI is the perfect example of what a pharmaceutical data and analytics solution is comprised of. The powerful solution integrates easily with any commercial operations workflow and creates a single source of truth by bringing all an organization’s sales and marketing data sources together into a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem. The platform comes with pre-built connectors to all major industry data sources and its advanced AI and machine learning algorithms then turn that data into insights for real-time decision-making, including forecasting, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, customer alignment, customer and territory planning and sizing, incentive compensation strategy and much more. And that’s where the magic behind BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module comes in.

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BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module

Whether it’s launching a new therapeutic or simply managing day-to-day activities, BirdzAI’s innovative features and seamless workflows enable pharmaceutical marketing teams to get the most out of their data and systems. That means commercial operations teams don’t have to worry about changing systems. BirdzAI is completely customizable and fully integrates with existing marketing automation platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. The module also comes with pre-built integrations into major data sources from vendors such as Veeva, MedPro, Symphony and IQVIA.

Best of all, BirdzAI’s automations remove manual processes and operational delays, allowing marketing teams to focus on the big picture without getting distracted by all the details. No more juggling multiple logins, interfaces, and data sources. BirdzAI brings it all together into a centralized, easy-to-use system.

“The most disruptive thing about BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module is that it enables teams to do more without disruption,” added Nandwana. “It doesn’t require a complete systems overhaul. It simply fits within a company’s current ecosystem, helping to make it work smarter and more efficiently.”

BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module helps pharmaceutical marketing teams of all sizes take their talents even further. And it does that by offering dozens of innovative features, with benefits including marketing automation, Web and digital build-out, and more. Here’s how those powerful features can help pharmaceutical marketing teams of all sizes:

  • Marketing automation. Along with the BirdzAI Marketing Operations module, the team at P360 will help configure and deploy marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, Adobe, HubSpot, and more. Our experts will even help marketing teams plan and execute marketing messages, ensuring they are delivered through the right channel at the right time. This includes everything from building customer journeys to executing social media strategies. P360 fills all the gaps in connecting with customers at scale in a personalized way.

  • Web and digital build-out. P360 also offers BirdzAI customers best-in-class digital development support. The team works with brand teams and agencies to build and integrate an effective marketing presence while enabling your teams to retain ownership of digital platforms and assets. Our experts will also work through the PRC approval process and deployment and support special projects and buildouts for other services such as virtual booths, content creation, email cadences, CRM deployment, SEO optimization, and more.
    BirdzAI is the right choice for forward-thinking pharmaceutical executives that want to make the most of their marketing operations!

“Pharmaceutical commercial operations that incorporate BirdzAI’s Marketing Operations Module into their workflows, business models, and services will be able to out-perform their competitors and will ultimately be the ones that thrive in our quickly evolving technology-powered landscape,” said Nandwana.

Delivering a 360 view through the pharma-to-physician ecosystem, P360 designs and deploys capabilities that ensure the highest efficiencies and returns on marketing operations, data management, and IoT innovation. With expertise in supporting commercial operations for companies of all sizes, P360 has built an industry-leading platform that gives customers ownership of their data and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.
For more information, visit P360.com/BirdzAI.


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