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Data Visualization: Enhancing Sales Ops with Dynamic Reporting

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by Brian Fitzgerald | Last Updated: March 12, 2024 | 1 min read

In a bygone era, before there were computers, it was often said that the “proof is in the pudding.” And you've probably heard the phrase more times than you can count. However, in today’s digitally transformed world of pharmaceutical commercial operations, pudding is obsolete, and the proof is now in the data. But if you're not careful, your teams may quickly find themselves drowning in data and starving for information.

In essence, what that means is that without good data, your decisions are based on guesses. So, to get the most out of your team’s data, you need to understand what it means. And a big part of that process is better data visibility, which can only be obtained through enhanced analytic and dynamic reporting capabilities. Without that, here are some of the problems that pharmaceutical sales operations leaders face.

What is Data Visualization?: Making Sense of Numbers

Data visualization is the art of turning numbers into stories. It's about taking complex data sets and making them understandable at a glance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Simplifies Complexity: By transforming data into charts, graphs, or maps, data visualization helps simplify complex information. This makes it easier to see patterns, trends, and outliers.

  • Informs Decisions: Visual data helps businesses and individuals make informed decisions. It reveals insights that might not be obvious from looking at raw data alone.

  • Engages Audiences: A well-designed visualization can catch the eye and engage the mind. It's a powerful tool for communicating information to a wide audience.

  • Facilitates Quick Understanding: In our fast-paced world, the ability to quickly grasp the essence of a dataset is invaluable. Visualization makes this possible by highlighting key points visually.

It is important to remember that data visualization isn’t just for data scientists. It's a skill that's becoming increasingly important in many fields. Whether you're presenting findings in a meeting, sharing insights on social media, or just trying to understand your own data better, mastering the basics of data visualization can give you a significant edge.

Advanced Data Management Techniques for Enhanced Visualization

Streamlining Data Quality
One crucial step in improving data visualization is enhancing the quality of your data. This means ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, and readily available. Integrated data management systems play a vital role here. They automate the cleansing and integration processes, reducing errors and inconsistencies. With a solid data management system, organizations can trust that their data is reliable for making critical decisions.

Breaking Down Data Silos
Data silos are a major barrier to effective data visualization. When data is trapped in separate systems, it's hard to get a comprehensive view. Advanced data management techniques involve creating unified systems that consolidate data from various sources into a single platform. This consolidation allows for seamless analysis and visualization, providing a holistic view of the operational metrics.

Implementing Real-Time Visualization
Real-time data visualization is another transformative approach. By setting up dynamic dashboards that update with live data, businesses can monitor their operations continuously. This immediacy helps in quickly spotting trends, understanding changes, and making informed decisions on the fly. Tools that integrate well with existing CRM systems, like Salesforce, enable the automated flow of data into dashboards, ensuring that the visualizations are both current and relevant.

By adopting these advanced data management techniques, businesses can significantly enhance their visualization capabilities, leading to better insights and smarter strategic actions.

The Data Visualization Dilemma

  • Performance and productivity blind spots: As a pharmaceutical organization’s customer and prospect base grow, it becomes more difficult to handle all the data that accompanies those organizations and individuals. In addition, as pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams grow, it can be near impossible to track performance. And the inability to track customers, prospects and the progress of the sales and marketing team’s productivity ultimately affects the bottom line. Without proper data visualization and reporting, these problems only get worse over time.

  • Lack of access to real-time data: Using manual processes, data collection and reporting is a time-consuming process. And in today’s constantly changing, always-on business environment, it is futile to base decisions on data that’s weeks or even months old. But without dynamic data collection and reporting capabilities, it can be nearly impossible to access real-time data and metrics.

  • Siloed workflows: Many organizations have experienced the negative effects of data processes happening in silos. Workflows become siloed when teams do not share information, goals, tools, priorities, and strategies with other groups. And this communication gap between teams leads to expensive errors that further affect the organization. Modern visualization and reporting tools help break down these siloes.

  • Wasted time: As we’ve stated before, time is money. And inefficient reporting requires a ton of time, excessive handholding, specialized user skill sets, and assistance from IT. Traditional reporting techniques also lack the depth and vital KPI tracking that is required for executive decision-making. Creating manual reports also makes it challenging to keep up with real-time data, which can be a problem of the past with dynamic reports.

  • Unreliable decision-making: Worst of all, without enhanced analytic and dynamic reporting capabilities, important decisions can be misjudged. To make crucial decisions, the ability to reliably analyze your organization’s data in real time is essential.

So, how can your pharmaceutical commercial operations turn important data into actionable insights? With the BirdzAI Data and Analytics Platform, the proof is in the pudding… Or rather, the data.

BirdzAI was designed to help pharmaceutical companies make sense of their data so they can take action. The innovative platform combines machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced analytics to help pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams understand what’s happening in their business and drive better decisions.

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How BirdzAI Defeats the Data Visualization Dilemma

To help pharmaceutical executives avoid the pitfalls of the data visualization dilemma, the team at P360 introduced the BirdzAI Data and Analytics Platform. The robust yet flexible solution now includes four powerful pre-built modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations and Marketing Operations. For those that need a complete solution, BirdzAI’s agile, customizable modules can be combined as a single deployment. However, the flexible nature of BirdzAI’s architecture also enables pharmaceutical teams to pick and choose the modules they need the most without the risk of incurring unneeded technical debt.

BirdzAI is the perfect example of what a pharmaceutical data and analytics solution is comprised of. The powerful solution integrates easily with any commercial operations workflow and creates a single source of truth by bringing all an organization’s sales and marketing data sources together into a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem. The platform comes with pre-built connectors to all major industry data sources and its advanced AI and machine learning algorithms then turn that data into insights for real-time sales and marketing operations decision-making, including forecasting, next best action, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, customer alignment, customer and territory planning and sizing, incentive compensation strategy and much more. And that’s where the magic behind BirdzAI’s Sales Operations Module comes in.

BirdzAI’s Powerful Sales Operations Module

With the BirdzAI Sales Operations Module, pharmaceutical sales teams can manage all their data and business processes within a single platform. No more juggling multiple logins, interfaces, and data sources. BirdzAI fully integrates with existing systems and platforms and comes with pre-built integrations with major vendors such as Veeva, Microsoft, MedPro, Symphony, IQVIA, and more. And best of all, BirzAI’s powerful automations and seamless workflows offer dozens of innovative features, with benefits including customizable product master and dynamic reporting.

Here’s what BirdzAI’s product master and reporting engine can do for you:

  • Customizable Product Master. This powerful feature enables sales teams and leaders to create custom market hierarchies, easily update CRM systems, provide data providers with hierarchies, and much more. BirdzAI’s custom hierarchies even enable sales operations leaders to add features to reports that make them easier to use; without having to create helper databases or scripts.

  • Dynamic Reporting. BirdzAI’s reporting engine provides a 360-degree view of the brand, team, and customer performance. The module also includes a vast collection of pre-built reports and dashboards that can be utilized by all business units. The best-in-class solution includes desktop and mobile versions, a natural language Q&A, one-click export to Microsoft Excel, and more.

But that’s only scratching the surface of what this powerful platform can do. To learn more about BirdAI and all of its innovative features, visit P360.com/BirdzAI.

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